Who we are

Gross Labs is a collaborative community of misfits creating positive social impact and global influence.

Our Vision

Founded in 2018, Gross Labs was launched to blend a collaborative community of artists, creators, entrepreneurs, makers and misfits. Guided by the vision of musician and entrepreneur Nick Gross, our content factory uses a 360 approach to development and ideation, offering our talent and businesses the ability to grow their brands by combining areas in live, gaming, education, consumer products, philanthropy and more.

  • Practice Like You Play



  • Understand how you want to leave your legacy

  • Reimagine the system for the 21st century

  • Seeing things differently is celebrated

  • Listen to, invest in, & celebrate the youth

  • Chase stories not stuff

  • Passion over paper

  • Every individual has a purpose. Help them find it.

About the founder

Nick Gross serves as one of today’s most creative trailblazers in media and beyond. His career has spanned the industry in a way that very few have, combining music with business incubation and giving back to today’s youth. Beginning with a hit show on MTV, Gross shared his passion and talent as a musician and drummer with the world, catapulting him to secure deals with major labels and production work with top artists such as Zendaya, Ariana Grande, and Wiz Khalifa, just to name a few. 

As Founder of Gross Labs, he and his team provide an ecosystem in which businesses can flourish, pushing the boundaries of creativity & ingenuity.

Most recently, he launched Find Your Grind- a nationally recognized self discovery platform pushing youth to experience and explore alternative careers and show them the “path to get there”. Nick now drums for alternative pop rock band Half the Animal runs newly formed music enterprise Big Noise Music Group.

Meet the Team


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